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Welcome to Earth & Wind

Earth Bending (General Info)
Water Bending (Raiding)

Raiding is on hold for the time being. Please check back in June for news on raiding

Interested Raiders: Sat, Khaele, Zath, Poke, Neive
Post here if you want to Raid!

Raiders in training: Mercyliss

Fire Bending (PVP)
Post here if you want to PVP!

Interested PVPers: Sat, Khaele, Zath, Poke, Bin, Renal?

Arena Teams If you have a team, tell Sat and she'll add it!
Welcome to Earth & Wind

Earth & Wind is always recruiting all classes and levels to the guild. We are currently looking for raid ready healers, members who are willing to serve as alternates, and anyone else who just wants a cool place to hang out while they level - we are always willing to run 'the little guys' through their dungeons!

We are also recruiting members interested in PVP - our goal is a weekly RBG run!

Read our Guest Forum if you have questions or go straight to the Application Page.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • We are a small, easygoing guild determined to make steady but constant improvement by being casual yet competent.
  • Our aim is to continue working our way through current content as well as earning guild achievements by moving through older content when we have the time
  • Our team focus is on raid progression, but the guild officers have a keen interest in PVPing as well
  • Our ethos is one of helpfulness, flexibility, and reliability
  • Our leadership is based on creating a spirit of friendly competition through guild contests in order to maintain and support diversity in the interests of the membership, as well as setting concrete goals for the membership to focus on achieving.

Feel Free to read our Guild Policy