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EW Guiding Principles
  • We are a small, easygoing guild determined to make steady but constant improvement by being casual yet competent.
  • Our aim is to continue working our way through current content as well as earning guild achievements by moving through older content when we have the time
  • Our team focus is on raid progression, but the guild officers have a keen interest in PVPing as well
  • Our ethos is one of helpfulness, flexibility, and reliability
  • Our leadership is based on creating a spirit of friendly competition through guild contests in order to maintain and support diversity in the interests of the membership, as well as setting concrete goals for the membership to focus on achieving.

The EW leadership wants you to know that we have direction and purpose. As such, we have discussed and settled on the following priorities. This is not to say what you have to work on, just what we hope for the guild as a way ahead.

EW Priorities (in order)
  1. First and foremost: Raid Progression
  2. PVP - We have wanted to build an RBG team for some time now. Until we have at least 8 people vote yes on an RBG poll, we will do arenas and regular battlegrounds.
  3. Personal and Guild Achievements and leveling alts - of course, we want to see everyone in the guild grow, so we will help out people with alts or those working on older content whenever we have time
  4. Expanding to two-tiered raiding (two teams, on more casual than the other)
Saturnae - Karonae - Evenae - Windae - Valkynae
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