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#6820137 Oct 08, 2012 at 09:48 PM
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The Earth and Wind Guild Bank is a place where guild members can purchase items for less than market value. It is dependent both on the generosity and the hard work of its members, but everything goes back to help guildies become better, stronger toons. Here's how it works:

  • Tab 1 - "Free" - This is where guildies can deposit and withdrawal old or unwanted items that may be of interest to others - rep items or neat transmog stuff etc
  • Tab 2 - "Free Food" - This is where guildies can deposit and withdrawal food & cooking mats.
  • Tab 3 - "Cata - 25%" - This is for lvl 81 (Cata) mats and tier 31 gear goes. Everything here can be purchased at 25% of market value (i.e. the ah price)
  • Tab 4 - "MoP - 50%" - This is for current content mats and gear. Everything here can be purchased at 50% of market value/ah price
  • Tab 5 - "Raid Mats" - This is self-explanatory
  • Tab 6 & 7- "GM Space" - These two tabs are storage used by the Avatar

Guild Repairs
These are based on ranks and will be amended depending on how much money we have coming in from sales and how much we are getting through the 10% profit sharing. Funds will also go to ensuring we have sufficient raid mats until we have sufficient donations from members. So for now, the guild repairs are set as follows:
  • Air & Water Benders: 100g
  • Fire & Earth Benders: 50g

Guild Credits
Earth and Wind is all about helping people get the most out of the game...
If you are interested in buying something from the guild bank but are broke all the time (like Satunae), then we have a deal for you! Donations to the guild bank of key raiding materials will earn you GUILD BANK CREDIT at MORE THAN auction house rates How it works:
  • Items that earn you credit include raid mats for current content cauldrons and feasts, assuming we have less than 5 stacks in the guild bank 'raid mats' tab.
  • Mail your donation to Saturnae
  • Sat will track your donation on the website (see GUILD BANK in 'serious stuff' tab). Prices for items will be at least 25% greater than what they are going for in the AH (to be determined by various factors that boil down to is appropriate based on demand and difficulty in getting the items)
  • You can check how many points (points = gold) you have saved up in the bank
  • When you want to buy something from the guild bank using credits, contact Sat and tell her what you want. If you have enough credits, your balance with the guild bank will be reduced. If you don't have enough, you can top up with game gold!
Saturnae - Karonae - Evenae - Windae - Valkynae
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