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#7043588 Nov 28, 2012 at 09:45 PM
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Preparation & Attendance
  • Invitations will be sent to all guild members of the Water Bender rank. All members will respond no less than 24 hours prior to the raid (to the best of their knowledge)
  • All raiders will show up at least 10 mins prior to raid times - that means at the instance, not standing around in town or finishing dungeons or being online but otherwise not ready. At 5 mins to raid, empty spots will be filled unless an officer has been warned that you will be late
  • All raiders must use the following addons: Deadly Boss Mods, GTFO
  • All raiders will arrive ready to raid including: gems, enchants, extra food and flasks as required
  • All raiders must have one, preferably two, crafting professions which are beneficial to their class fully leveled
  • Attendance will be monitored, and DKP will be awarded to members who show up at raid time but are not selected.
  • Guild members who advise of expected absences by declining invites and posting on the forums will not be penalized

Raid Selection
  • Officers do not get automatic raid selection, although the Raid Leader does ;)
  • Standard raid composition will be 2 tanks, 3 healers (one with rdps OS), 2 mdps, and 3 rdps.
The following factors will be considered when selecting members for farm nights:
  • fairness in letting all raiders take turns where they need gear & experience (balanced with enough experienced members to ensure success)
  • buffs
  • gems/enchants
  • recent attendance & reliability
  • espirit de corps (consistent effort and helpfulness through the week. i.e. running dungeons/LFR, helping guildies with leveling, participating in contests etc)
  • gear score
The following factors will be considered when selecting members for progression nights:
  • buffs
  • gems/enchants
  • performance
  • gear score
  • recent attendance
Note: If a persistent demand for the use of an alt is identified then efforts will be taken to rectify the deficiency, either by recruiting to fill the gap, by asking a member to respec a main or change his main character. Each situation is unique and there are several factors which will be considered by the officers in order to determine which course of action is most appropriate, including but not limited to: overall impact on the guild's ability to raid, the current position on the content timeline, total time invested by the guild in the character(s) in question, reliability of the member(s) in question, and the performance and overall contribution to the guild by the member.

Conduct During Raids
  • Vent will be kept clear for the Raid Leader and Lead Healer while fights are ongoing. Vent will also be kept clear following fights for the Loot Master
  • Raid chat can be used for chatter, but nothing racist, sexist, or otherwise degrading.
  • Break times are the only acceptable time to be afk for more than a pee break - no running to town just because you got a new piece of gear
  • Unneccessary delays in returning back to the instance and getting buffed up following a wipe are unacceptable.

DKP will be the means by which members are rewarded for sticking to these rules! See our Loot Policy for details
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