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I've been using GRID for about 7 years now... I started using it when the original Naxx came out, and I've never considered anything else. It's compact, it's versatile, and it packs a lot of information into one tiny little box. I will admit, however, figuring out how to use it can be a barrier, though once you know how, it's very simple. So here's a quick guide to the hardest part of GRID.

Feng the Accursed - Wildfire Spark.

We're going to add the Wildfire Spark debuff to our indicators. This is a two to three step process that takes 30 seconds to a minute once you understand it.

Step One - Add the debuff to GRID

Open the grid Menu and click the Status tab. Make sure you have the title Auras selected.

In the Add new Debuff window, start to type the name of the debuff.
I find it best to type slowly and take a few extra seconds to let GRID populate the list. It will find your buff or debuff if you let it.
Once it does, click on the debuff in the window, and GRID will add it to the list.

Step 2: Aura settings (optional if you like the defaults)

Scroll down the Aura's list until you find the new aura: Debuff: Wildfire Spark

Click on the debuff. This brings up the aura's settings.

Pictured above are the default settings.
Enabled: Of course, you want to have the debuff enabled, otherwise why would you be doing this?
Colour: If you're going to use a corner icon to display this debuff on grid, you may want to change the colour.
Priority: If you have more than one buff/debuff/statusindictor/whatever displayed in a given indicator, you want to make sure you understand how the priorities work. This may need to be adjusted to have more or less priority.
I'll leave the text option for advanced users, but it shouldn't be hard to figure out.

Step 3 - Add the debuff to an indicator

Click on the Indicators tab
Select the indicator you want this debuff to appear as. (You can see I've chosen the Centre Icon)
Click the checkmark next to the Debuff

You'll perhaps notice in my list, that I have many debuffs showing for the Centre Icon. (All the checkmarks) Closer inspection shows that these are amost all Boss dependent (Like Voodoo Doll). In fact, the only debuffs that show up in my centre icon that aren't boss specific are Magic debuffs and Disease debuffs, and i've adjusted my priority settings on the appropriate debuff appears if two happen to show up at the same time.

And Tada!!!

Now I can see that Exot (3rd row, 2nd col) has the Wildfire Spark.

I can also see:
Rali has agro,
Yuna and Deat are out of range,
Rali has renew,
This has PoM,
My Divine Insight has procced
Call, Lits Rali and Elim need healing,
Pand (not me) has weakened soul.
And my Target is Exot
This is really just a very small subset of the information Grid tells me on a regular basis.

And just for you Sat, This one tells me who's dead, though I need to adjust it so the top text says the players name... but still... it's pretty clear.

I'm going to guess, since these deaths happened after the boss died, and because I can see Actg has Divine Resonance, that he probably didn't know, or didn't care that he had it, and ran in to loot the boss along with everyone else. See what Grid can tell you :)
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Awesome! I'll investigate using this one more time this month
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