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With 5.3 upon us things are a hell of a lot different now in terms of gearing, nothing like it as in 5.0 and 5.1.

To start off with always get your three coins from what is now 50 lesser charms each week.

Here is what you should do immediately upon entering the game -

- Do your 5.3 quest chain for your 502 boots
- Do your heroic scenario for a 100% assured 516 piece plus a chance at another 516 every day
- Get your 522 neck piece from the Throne of Thunder valor vendor (no rep requirement)
- Do every wing in Throne of Thunder, saving your bonus rolls for the bosses that matter, 504 gear drops in here
- Find a group for Nalak for a chance at 522 tier legs and hands

If you have the time I recommend looking for an Oondasta group for a chance at 522 gear and it is also a great way to spend your bonus roll on (same with Nalak).

If you have gotten to revered or close on Shado-Pan Assault you can spend valor gear on 522 pieces which is the best way to spend your valor. Once you have gotten every 522 the best way to spend your valor is on upgrading your 522 pieces. Don't bother using valor to upgrade items less than 522, 516 is pushing it and only if you are capped on valor with all your 522s turned into 530.

Best ways to rep up on Shado-Pan Assault is doing your dailies every day, every wing of Throne of Thunder each week (a lot easier than it was at the beginning of 5.2), and your champions weekly which also gives you 150 valor and some lesser charms.

If you still have items that are less than 476-483 then I recommend running Troves for Elder Charms of Good Fortune which now stack up to 20 and can be used multiple times in the older raids (once a run though). Gear drops for the older raids have been greatly increased to the point where you can potentially come out with a piece on every boss.

If you are already 476-483 on each piece then focus on these things

- Running Throne of Thunder each week
- Nalak and Oondasta (if you have the time for Oon)
- A Heroic Scenario each day (You need a full group of 3 to queue for it)

For quick valor cap you have these options in order of least important to most -

- Dailies - I would only bother with the Isle of Thunder and only if you need rep
- Normal Scenarios - Offers 50 valor first run each day and 25 each subsequent one
- Heroic Dungeons - Offers 80 valor first run each day and 40 valor each subsequent one

Best Choices in order of least to most important -

- Old Tier Raids LFR - Offers 90 valor each wing and a chance at 476/483 gear
- Throne of Thunder LFR - Offers 90 valor each wing and a chance at 504 gear
- Heroic Scenarios - Offers 120-150(w/ bonus) valor and a single chance at 516 gear each day and 70 valor each subsequent run.

Weekly Quests - (For fastest cap) -

- Isle of Thunder champions weekly - Offers 150 valor and 5 lesser charms plus some gold
- Battlefield: Barrens - Offers 200 valor for doing it, a radical mojo (for the Troll Battlefield QM) and some gold

For the quickest cap I recommend running your Heroic Scenario, doing Battlefield: Barrens, and doing Throne of Thunder tiers. If you are still not capped do another Heroic scenario each day and your Isle of Thunder champions weekly.

Following this You can easily go above 500 ilevel in less than a week, unless your luck is that of hell.


Don't bother with older dailies.
Do Isle of Thunder dailies if need rep.
Do Heroic Scenarios.
Do Throne of Thunder LFR.
Do Battlefield: Barrens.
Upgrade 522s if you have all valor gear from ToT QM.

Note: I also recommend people focus on the Legendary Chain. The gem isn't that important anymore, but the meta gem is very nice, plus in 5.3 completing the legendary quests will get you a nice ilevel 600 (yes you read that right, SIX HUNDRED) cloak. If you need help with anything related to the Legendary Chain, or anything in this guide just ask me, Zatheyll.
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WTF is the difference between elder and lesser charms? OMG I've forgotten so much
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#7866563 eve wrote:

WTF is the difference between elder and lesser charms? OMG I've forgotten so much

Lesser are gained from doing dailies and world drops, and 50 of them turns into 3 Mogu Runes of Fate for Throne of the Thunder. Elder Charms of Good Fortune are the older Runes of Fate and are gotten through special drops on Isle of Thunder and the Troves solo scenario used by getting a key from the rares and chests on the Isle of Thunder and are used for the older tier of raids.
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