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eve / Nov 11, 2012
So Earth and Wind continues to outdo itself, killing Feng the Accursed tonight in just a few short attempts (ok, there were two other nights of progression, but at least one doesn't count). Guildox is a little messed up, but it seems like that'll move us up to somewhere around 28th in the realm. Great work everyone!

If you're interested in the log from the kill, click here

Someone took a picture, hopefully they'll link it here...
eve / Oct 30, 2012
Because two shamans is better than one, the Avatar has decided to raise another familiar face in the guild to Air Bender status. Carger has demonstrated dedication to helping out guildies - going so far as to chauffer around members who are leveling! He is keen to give back more and will be helping out Appa (Sat) with Loot as well as generally being a belly button for anyone to jab at if they need help from a guild officer.

So if you want to buy something from the guild bank (half of AH prices!) or are interested in doing something fun, Carger is your man. He's always happy to help. The Avatar has decreed it.

Grats Carger and happy hunting... or shamaning

eve / Oct 29, 2012
A month after MoP released and Earth and Wind has already downed it's first raid boss! Notorious as being one of the more difficult of the first wave of the new content we nevertheless got it down in just two nights of trial and error. Congrats on all your hard work folks! ... next time let's remember to stay and take a picture. By the Guildox stats it looks like that puts us 30th on the server...

We still recruiting against a few of our dps positions to ensure we have the depth we need to avoid pugging, so let your friends know about the best guild around!

Keep up the good work and we'll see you around Azaroth
eve / Oct 24, 2012
You are all familiar with Runefury for his wonderful heals and tasty seasoning of the guild feasts, but now you can all really worship him in all his glory as he takes on new responsibilities as an Air Bender. His help will offset some of the weight we have removed from Poke, who has some of those pesky RL issues preventing him from seeing as much of him as we'd like.

Runefury has shown a lot of dedication to this guild and is willing to go the extra mile to recruit new people as required, help out fellow guildmates with a guild run or maybe just some advice. Feel free to approach him. He'll have something useful to say (or the Avatar will blast him)

Grats Rune, you are awesome.
eve / Oct 15, 2012
Well folks, everyone has been on a lot the last few weeks, working on both new toons and old, learning all about Pandaria. The Avatar, Appa, and all the Air Benders are excited to see so many people online and running around Azeroth.

We have started up our Fri/Sun raid nights. This weekend, we did heroics as a guild in an attempt to help people get their gear. Hopefully by next weekend, we'll have enough people to try out Mogu'shan Vaults ourselves, or at least LFR as a team.

Keep reaching out to your guildmates, we are doing a great job working as a team to help people with new toons, and to get things like professions leveled up.

Have fun and see you all in WoW!
eve / Sep 29, 2012
I am absolutely, totally amazed by all the work you guys have put in over the past week - and man has it paid off! We've zoomed through the levels and now we're a bona fide level 25 guild!

Thank you all and congratulations!