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Stone Guard DOWN

eve / Oct 29, 2012
A month after MoP released and Earth and Wind has already downed it's first raid boss! Notorious as being one of the more difficult of the first wave of the new content we nevertheless got it down in just two nights of trial and error. Congrats on all your hard work folks! ... next time let's remember to stay and take a picture. By the Guildox stats it looks like that puts us 30th on the server...

We still recruiting against a few of our dps positions to ensure we have the depth we need to avoid pugging, so let your friends know about the best guild around!

Keep up the good work and we'll see you around Azaroth

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If we started at 150 something as a guild in Cata and made it into the top 30 what does that mean will happen if we're starting in the top 30 in MoP?

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